How do I drive a successful technology project?

  • 18 January, 2016

First of all, I would like to thank Lora and her team for providing me an opportunity to write for Beet Fusion’s blog.

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The True Cost of a Long Tail

  • 06 January, 2016

Long product tails are good for digital businesses with minimal inventory costs, but represent a major financial commitment for make-to-stock manufacturers.

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Career paths in the supply chain......Until there is a recognized route to C-level positions talent will go elsewhere

  • 18 December, 2015

Way back when in the 1970s I decided to shift my college major from Forestry to Business Administration.  Like many impressionable young adults I wanted to make my mark on the environment by b

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  • 14 December, 2015


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Steps to producing a quality forecasts

  • 11 December, 2015

As a solution architect working for SAS in the field of Predictive Analytics I work with clients in many industries wanting to im

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The Decline of US Manufacturing & The Rise of Income Inequality

  • 10 December, 2015

Please do not misunderstand my intent here.  I am not a naysayer or a pessimist but we have had our heads in the sand way too long and this is the result of that denial.

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Cyber Monday has become the new Black Friday

  • 09 December, 2015

Thanksgiving Is a Time to Shop

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Managing Your Supply Chain Career

  • 08 December, 2015

As I was twirling my pencil thinking about this blog, my mind went back to my own career through the supply chain world.

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