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Demand Driven: Can We Sidestep Religious Arguments?

The 2016 US presidential political contest was brutal. Emotions are still quite raw. I hated it. When emotions run high, everyone loses.

Three New Insights on Supply Chain Talent

On Tuesday this week I will present the findings from the recent Supply Chain Insights study

Do I Need to Know What Blockchain Is?

I spent the last few days researching something called blockchain… so now my head is reeling and I still don’t have a great grasp of it.

The Copernican Revolution in Supply Chain

For decades we have viewed our world inside-out -placing our own business at the center of the universe,

Supply Chain Leaders I Admire: The Average Joe

My supply chain hero is the Average Joe. Who is Average Joe? They are the man or woman in the trenches making a difference. Helping them motivates me as a professional.

How Lazy, Entitled, Coddled Millennials Strengthen Supply Chains

Well I hate to admit it, but I am *technically* a millennial.

Supply Chain Attacks

A cyberattack that attempts to inflict damage to a company by exploiting vulnerabilities in its supply chain n

Supply Chain Finance 101

As supply chains have grown in size and complexity, the way in which corporations and small busines

Information Systems and Supply Chain

This semester in my e-Business class, I learned that Information Systems could be used in the supply chain world.

My Favorite Supply Chain Leaders

When I received this request initially, I was going to say Lora Cecere (we all know Lora is our all time supply chain thought leader!!!) However, I took some time to think about a supply chain lead