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The Modern Supply Chain: Education & Training

The modern supply chain is a complex weave of new technology and legacy systems all working toward the same goal, to keep products moving.

Management is looking at Transportation


India's Tax Transformation to Achieve Supply Chain Efficiency

“The Hardest Thing in the World to Understand is Income Taxes” – Albert Einstein famously said once.

Games People Play

The office is filled with staff and someone is yelling, “Run, Run, Run”.

Is there danger? No. The office is full of laughter and merriment, and everyone is playing games.

Looking Beyond Red Arrows

When I engage with supply chain leaders , I ask, "Are you making progress?" Most will nod their heads 'yes', but upon a closer look at the data they admit they are stuck. Acknowledging this truth is a freeing moment. Why? It is hard work to maintain the status quo in metrics performance. Most leaders are treading water. When asked to do more, they try to deliver. They often fail. A downward-facing red arrow signals the lack of progress.

Requesting information of diverse Supply Chain Management Professionals

I was recently on LinkedIn viewing a list of Supply Chain and Analytics professionals to connect with on the site. It was very interesting that I did not see any person of color in the list.

Tell Me Why

As a blogger, you can get feedback in real-time. Pretty cool. Right?

I answer every question I get and sometimes I share my answers.  This is the case today.

Big Data Is Dependent on Semiconductor Manufacturing

Semiconductors are used in computers to carry electricity and, in turn, transmit data across a digital plane.