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EDI Dataflow From The 3PL Standpoint: Scenario One

There are many scenarios related to the 3PL, supplier, and trading partner’s EDI dataflow.

6 Reasons Your Company Will Benefit From Quality Control

Quality control might seem like an area where you can cut corners and save a little money — why should you even bother trying to implement quality control if you haven’t had any complaints about th

Thoughts on Blockchain from a Recent Webinar.

Yesterday, I spoke at the University of Tennessee Supply Chain Leaders Forum on innovation.

How to Improve Your Warehouse’s Energy Efficiency

Efficiency isn’t limited to how quickly and accurately your facility can push a new product out the front door— it extends to all steps of the supply chain including energy usage.

6 Risks of a Lack of Employee Training

Providing minimal employee training or skipping it altogether can seem like a time-saver at first glance.

The Right Forecast Accuracy Metric for Inventory Planning

  • 13 November, 2017
  • 2,554

The right way to measure forecast accuracy if you are interested in optimizing stock levels is to focus on the accuracy of the service level projection. Just because you set a service level target (or a system recommends a target) doesn’t mean you’ll actually achieve the target. This blog explains why and details how to calculate service level accuracy.

5 Reasons to Optimize Your Warehouse

Warehouse jobs are not “glamorous,” but they’re essential for Americans to enjoy the high standard of living many take for granted.

What Supply Chain Consultants are Advising about Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Robotics

  • 08 November, 2017
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Many supply chain consulting companies are looking at technology advancements like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Blockchain and advising their clients that these innovations won’t be significant