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Want More Manufacturing Jobs? Support Clean Vehicle Production

The greening movement is well underway. We’ve already seen some of its advantages firsthand.

Urgent: Need for Diverse Supply Chain Candidates!!!!!

During my time at Tuskegee University I have met with several Supply Chain Management Professionals.

Highlighting Upcoming Supply Chain Management Talent

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight two Supply Chain Management Students at Tuskegee University. The first student is Ms.

What cool technology will drive supply chain innovation?

An organisation can invest in the best technology in the world, but if people don’t trust the system, the data that’s being used or the output it provides, user adoption will be low and the return

Innovative Technology Transforming The Future Of The Logistics Industry

Advances in technology continue to transform a variety of industries, including the massive logistics industry.

Do I Need to Know What Blockchain Is?

I spent the last few days researching something called blockchain… so now my head is reeling and I still don’t have a great grasp of it.

The Copernican Revolution in Supply Chain

For decades we have viewed our world inside-out -placing our own business at the center of the universe,