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Information Systems and Supply Chain

This semester in my e-Business class, I learned that Information Systems could be used in the supply chain world.

My Favorite Supply Chain Leaders

When I received this request initially, I was going to say Lora Cecere (we all know Lora is our all time supply chain thought leader!!!) However, I took some time to think about a supply chain lead

Supply Chain Leadership, Easier Said Than Done

The qualities I value in a supply chain leader include a combination of technical skills and emotional intelligence.

Why I Chose Information Systems as a Major

Coming to Tuskegee was always a dream of mine. As a senior in high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to major in so I chose biology. I chose biology with the intent to be an athletic trainer.

E- Business

The course focuses on e-business and e-operation concepts using supply chain management concepts utilized in manufa

Transportation Management

In my transportation course we are becoming familiar with key concets, strategies, principles, and major competitive advantages of each mode of transportation.


I would definitely recommend someone to major in supply chain management or to find a career opportunity in that field.

Business Analytics

I really learned a lot in my business analytics class and enjoyed the course work.

Why I chose to major in Supply Chain Management

Deciding what to major in was by far the hardest descision for me. I knew I didn't want to go into my freshman year of college as an undecided major.

New Kid on the Block

Introducing the new standard process framework: OpenReference.