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Insights on Supply Chain Finance

Objective: To understand the role of supply chain finance in determining supply chain strategy and gaining competitive advantage towards supply chain excellence.
Highlight: Managing costs is a struggle for most companies. While 88% of companies have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), the hard work of process evolution and maturity continues. In this report we share the current state of supply chains in managing costs, and then take a look at the processes and organizational design factors to evaluate the impact on cost management.

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2016 Research in Review

Supply chain excellence is rooted in alignment and conscious trade-offs. Leaders are focused on building end-to-end operating strategies while laggards are struggling to figure out why they are stuck. This report is designed to help supply chain leaders get a condensed view of our best research from 2016.

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Relationship Between Price to Tangible Book value

The supply chain organization directly controls 70-85% of the costs of a manufacturing organization. They wear the cost improvement agenda like a preacher wears vestments. It is omnipresent. Central to all process discussions, cost management and supply chain are tightly coupled. With rising commodity and transportation costs, historically, labor productivity was a central focus.

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Cross-Survey Analysis 2012-2015 - 28 Studies - Summary Charts - 17 MAR 2016

Research Overview:
Details: The research for this report is based on twenty-eight surveys fielded during the period of January 2012 – December 2015. The research was a progressive set of studies to understand supply chain excellence. In the report, we use responses from over 2000 respondents to understand the characteristics of a supply chain that is working well.
 Objective: To better understand the levers and actions that are the most impactful for supply chain leaders to take to improve supply chain excellence.

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In Search of Supply Chain Excellence

In Search of Supply Chain Excellence - Report  


    How do I drive a successful technology project?

    First of all, I would like to thank Lora and her team for providing me an opportunity to write for Beet Fusion’s blog. While I used to write frequently when I was at Aberdeen Group, I’ve have been heads down in the world of Product Development/Management over the past few years. Writing is my passion, though, so I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to be an ongoing contributor to this blog. My content will focus largely on Sales and Operations Planning/Supply Chain Planning types of projects due to my professional experience and personal passions.

    How do I drive a successful technology project?
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    Research in Review - 2015

    • Survey Details: Data for this report has been taken from a variety of online quantitative surveys conducted by Supply Chain Insights and reported on from January – December 2015, including our research on big data, supply chain centers of excellence, sales and operations planning, inventory management, technology spending and risk management.
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    Supply Chain Planning: A Look Back and a Look Forward

    Presentation given by Lora Cecere at the OM Partners conference in Belgium on September 30, 2015. In this presentation, Lora examines the role of planning excellence in driving supply chain performance, and shares insights on the future evolution of planning.