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Inventory, Finance and Cash

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The idea that less inventory equates to more cash is mostly anecdotal and everyone believes it to be generally true, but what we researched did not verify this. Cash varies for a variety reasons, inventory being but one. We were even more surprised by the lack of a relationship or the negative correlation between inventory and financial performance.  - Professor Gavoor

Survey title: Surveying Industry Executives: Perceptions on Inventory, Cash and Financial Performance

Investigators: Mark Gavoor, Professor of Operations Management; Jomarie Perlas, Marketing student

Adminstering Institution: North Park University

Duration: 10-15 min.

Target audience: Industry executives in Operations, Supply Chain, Finance and General Management

Purpose: To determine how industry professionals think about inventory management, cash, and inventory as both operational and financial performance*

                                                              *There is an option at the end of the survey to receive a report of the post-analysis results, along with the background information from first two years of the study. To use the survey specifically for your respective company, results can be provided for you to compare against the general pool of respondents. Contact the investigators to set this up.

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