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Shifting customer demand patterns, increasing manufacturing and transportation costs, and fluctuations in manufacturing capacity have become the new normal for some organizations. To address these types of challenges, there is growing adoption and usage of supply chain network design technologies to help identify tradeoffs and increase efficiency.  So we are conducting an interesting survey to explore the benefits and barriers to using supply chain network design technologies, the different options for deployment, and the overall satisfaction with using them. We'd love to include your experiences and opinions in our analysis.
Can you give us 10-12 minutes of your time to take this survey?  In exchange, we'll share the results with you, as always!
This survey is open to all manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers/distributors/co-operatives, and third-party logistics providers -- even if you don't use any supply chain network design technologies at this time.
NOTE: For the purposes of this survey, supply chain network design is the practice of location and rationalizing the facilities within the supply chain, determining the capacity of these facilities, determining how to source demand through the network and selecting modes of transportation in a manner that provides the required level of customer service at the lowest cost
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