Position Wanted: 
Entry-level Supply Chain Analyst/Project Coordinator/Procurement Analyst

I am interested in the position of any supply chain/procurement related because, I believe that I have the skills, knowledge, experience, and personality to execute this job successfully. I am an intelligent and motivated Supply Chain Analyst who specializes in building relationships with business partners and suppliers to ensure timely cost efficient deliveries. I proactively identify business challenges and provide innovative solutions that improve business processes, reduce cost and increase revenue.


I am passionate about supply chain, and I have worked on a variety of projects where I collaborated with team members to evaluate and analyze each suppliers’ business and operating processes to identify the best supplier. I also developed a lean logistics strategy to streamline business activities, reduce cost and increase revenue.


I am a quick learner who can easily adapt to any environment. I am great at working with people to understand their challenges and create appropriate solutions. I am passionate about collaborating with people, and I am ready to be challenged. The attached resume, although detailed, does not fully demonstrate the value that I will bring to your organization. I look forward to discussing your needs and how we can work together to accomplish them. Thanks for your time and consideration.   



Tahrin Choudhury

Attachment: resume


Houston, TX