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Meet Keith Peterson, President and CEO of Halo.  Halo is a SaaS company doing some really interesting things in analytics in supply chain.  Founded in 2008, Halo has a mission to bring the power of data, innovative technology, and passionate people to help sales, operations, manufacturing and finance managers quickly and easily gain accurate insight across multiple data sources – both inside and outside the organization – that increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.  They've done some pretty cool webinars (if we do say so ourselves) that you can watch to learn more about them, but first let's get to know Keith!

Tell us about yourself. What do you do in supply chain?

I am the CEO at Halo, a provider of supply chain analytics software.  We make it easy for business users to get access to their data for quick analysis without taxing IT.   What drives me professionally is finding new ways to leverage the vast streams of data flowing through supply chains to solve business problems.  I have a PhD and have worked in academic and commercial settings building tools to automate quantitative analytics.  It’s a great time to be in the field because there are new tools to work with and so much more data to analyze.

What cool thing are you working on now?

       We set up a lab to explore new approaches to automating data integration and predictive modeling.  We want to embed more predictive analytics into typical supply chain monitoring to do things like automatically detecting changes in a supplier’s risk profile or alerting the sales team that a customer’s order history suggests they are about to defect.  One of our newer projects is Credit Officer as a Services (COaaS) – which would help leasing-based  retailers monitor cash flows from existing lease pools to determine future pricing and approval strategies. It has tremendous potential to reduce the costs of manual data analytics and mitigate compliance-related risk.

How did you get interested in supply chain as a career?

A supply chain is fundamental to nearly any business.  You get to see the entire view of how a company makes money and how and where to optimize strategy and operations.  As a CEO, there is really no better place to be.

What is your best piece of career advice?

Recognize that selling is a noble activity – and we are all doing it all the time.  Develop your presentation skills, engage in groups, and be part of conversations outside your department.  Last, know how your company makes money – and how you fit in.

What hobbies do you pursue in your leisure time?

I live in Southern California.  I read a lot, play with new software and apps, and play beach volleyball.

What topics are you most excited about discussing with other members?

How new technologies, like 3D printing, will change supply chains; how new business models, like the sharing economy, will impact supplier networks, and most importantly, how companies will evolve as they gain more and more access to real-time data about every aspect of their business.

What supply chain trend of evolution are you anticipating will change your business?

Artificial intelligence will eventually automate most analytical processes.  However, we still have to address the fundamental  but challenging task of making it easier for business users to get access to clean and secure data – which is of course where Halo excels today. 


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