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Blank 'Beet Reporters' page

Hi Admin

When I open my Beet Reports page it shows no content. I've tried IE and also Chrome with the same outcome.


I would expect the content I've posted over the past few months to appear there?





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Where's the beef, I mean Beets?

Hi, Ash. Was there a name change from Ashley to Ash? It appears the original account may have been ashley-wilcock and that is the URL that's being pulled to display content. If there was a name change to Ash Wilcock, then we may have to go back and recraft the custom URLs that take folks to the dedicated Ash Wilcock Beet Reports page. 

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Hi - yes, that will be the

Hi - yes, that will be the issue no doubt.

I didn't think about the implications of changing my displayed name.

If it's easier I can just change my name back of course.


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No change needed

Hey, Ash. Not a problem. I can change the two URLs. No worries. :) 

For example: http://beetfusion.com/beet-reports/ash-wilcock/ 


: )

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