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General Help FAQ


  • How to use the search function
  • How to start a blog
    • How to become a featured blogger
  • How to start a discussion, ask a question, add an event, etc.
    • How to ask a question anonymously
  • How to upload a file
  • How to add a comment, answer a comment, etc.
  • How to add a poll or survey
  • How to start or respond to a new rating/review
  • Who are the “experts” in Ask an  Expert
  • How to request financial analysis
  • How to add or comment on news
    • How to become a Beet Reporter
    • Can I customize which news I see (no)
  • How to add, change or remove a job or resume
  • How to bookmark content / What is a “beetmark”?
  • How to find what I’ve posted later on
  • How to report offensive or inappropriate content
  • How to request content [direct to Can’t Find Something?”]


  • How to start, join or invite others to a group
    • Private vs. public groups
  • How to find or connect with other members
    • How to send a direct message
    • How to find specific people (search or request for connection)


  • How to change my profile or account
  • How to change notifications
  • How to earn points [direct to Beet Points section]