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Posting Guidelines:

  1. Join the community and start contributing. Update your status with fun and interesting things that you are doing at your workplace.
  2. Start your blog and post interesting educational content with your point of view.
  3. Our community is open to all; however, our mission is to facilitate a network of supply chain professionals, encouraging all users to share appropriate educational content related to the field. Beet Fusion reserves the right to delete content that is not suitable for the community.
  4. Beet Fusion does not allow any obscene, pornographic, racist or explicit comments/submissions. We will not tolerate trolling, bullying, hate speak, or content deemed abusive.
  5. Healthy discussions that will ultimately lead to better industry product and service decision-making are encouraged. Therefore, we want you to post ratings and reviews of products and services that provide constructive criticism. Only if Beet Fusion determines a malicious pattern will negative reviews and comments be deleted. Manufacturers, Distributors and Retailers are only allowed to rate and review. They are encouraged to share their thoughts on consultants, technology packages and events they have used or attended. Beet Fusion will confirm ratings and reviews are originated by credible and allowed sources.
  6. Approach this community as a place to learn and share knowledge. Beet Fusion does not allow marketing material or deliberate selling/advertising on the site. White papers, blog posts, and articles may be allowed if educational in nature with a case study or lessons learned approach. Beet Fusion will delete any content that is determined to violate this in nature. .
  7. Our network will be global; however, we encourage all to communicate in English for universal understanding.
  8. We encourage smiling when writing yet support honest, constructive criticism for lessons learned and growth.

Rules and Suggestions for the Beet Fusion Community:

  1. Be transparent! Use your real name and profile details. The community’s mission is for supply chain professionals to grow and enhance their careers by learning and sharing knowledge.
  2. Points (when implemented) will be based on the sharing of content.
  3. Recruiters, peers, hiring managers and thought leaders are sharing this space. Be professional in nature, but show your character. One’s best answer can lead to many great opportunities.
  4. Learn from real world feedback, aggregate the reviews and bring it back to your team members. Beet Fusion creates a great opportunity for companies to communicate well with their peers and take back knowledge to their team to execute better practices.
  5. Reward those who deserve it by liking their content, adding comments, or giving them star ratings. They will remember you for doing so.
  6. Post real vacant jobs. We will not tolerate any postings of jobs that are not currently open. Neither will your audience. They will be deleted.
  7. Add to the wiki and help the industry as a whole. Back up your definitions and credit your source.
  8. Kindly respect copyright and trademarked content. Your postings are your responsibility.