Are Your Employees Satisfied? Let Us Help You Find Out!

Employee Satisfaction

For most companies, talent is the missing link to drive supply chain excellence. We can help you unleash new potential by evaluating your supply chain talent and comparing it to your peers, based on our recent Supply Chain Talent research. Through this benchmarking service, we answer questions like:

  • Satisfaction. How satisfied are your supply chain employees? How does this compare to your peer group and vary by region?
  • Importance. What are the most important aspects of a position for your employee and how is your company performing on these? How does this vary by generation? And, how does this compare to the peer group?
  • Alignment. What is the alignment of your employee teams and how does this compare to your peer group?

We would love to help you do this assessment in a quick survey that is referenced to our database. Actionable insights for supply chain.

For more information contact Regina Denman.
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