Management is looking at Transportation


Your largest expense- and most critical issue- to providing your customers with your product are transportation costs. You have to optimize every load, especially taking into account that the trucking industry is nearing 100% capacity ( rail and air are following this trend). Does this open the way for more ocean shipping?

Let's evaluate your transportation requirements.

  • Am I maximizing the cube in my container? Do I weigh out?
  • How am I shipping? Rail, truck, ocean? Do I experience damage in shipment?
  • Is there an opportunity to reduce material handling?
  • How can I minimize costs? Have you looked at your worst lanes as it relates to maximizing every load without damage?
  • Will my carriers work with me to reduce costs? Are they using the best tools to cube out containers and eliminate damage?

This doesn't have to be a daunting task.We are here to help you with the analytical research, to help you seek out savings and work with your teams to determine best optimization and eliminate damage claims.

Transportation costs are increasing and management is noticing. What are you doing to stay ahead of the curve? It's time to go after one of the biggest costs in your supply chain and one of the costs that could make you attractive to your customer.

Give me a call to share ideas.

Michelle Kingsbury



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