4 Great Tips for Warehouse Safety

Warehouse Safety is a key component of any successful supply chain system. Here are 4 tips to help you achieve success in regards to warehouse safety.

1) Keep your warehouse clean

My largest pet peeve is a dirty and cluttered warehouse. Yes, I understand that based on the products and how fast moving your inventory is this is not always simple. However, this should be your most critical initiative and a standard for operations. Not only does a clean warehouse provide better over-all visibility but it also helps to prevent slips, falls and drops. Keep your floor clean. Clean your aisles, racks, bins, docks and all areas of your warehouse. Look for more organic products to reduce your team’s exposure to chemicals. Build cleaning into your daily schedule.

2) Maintain your Equipment and Machinery

You need to properly maintain your materials handling, packaging machines and all equipment in your warehouse. Preventative maintenance is paramount in the prevention of accidents. You hear all the time how injuries and even fatalities could have been prevented. There is no excuse for not properly maintaining your machinery. Most equipment companies that sell machinery provide maintenance training and instruction.

3) Pay Attention to…

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