Games People Play

The office is filled with staff and someone is yelling, “Run, Run, Run”.

Is there danger? No. The office is full of laughter and merriment, and everyone is playing games.

Virtual Reality Onboarding Games

Organizations are continuously implementing this type activity as part of the norm in order to build team moral and to also use this type of game playing as training methodologies in order to build stronger skill sets among the employees.

There are many benefits in bringing this type of activity into the corporate world. Managers attest that it builds unity among the team and the office is the best place that they can think of to use as a training ground. There are so many different types of games that can be played. Some games are simulations; there are some that are virtual reality onboarding games, while others consist of interactive games and your basic old-fashioned board games.

When staff comes together to play these corporate games you get a sense of how they can influence the way you think and interact with others. The professionals who construct these events have the expertise in putting the right kind of game playing events together that are in direct correlation with your day-to-day activities.

As a manager, if your team is not as cohesive as you wish they were, you may wish to look into bringing this type of activity into the workplace. It will send a positive message to those that report to your leadership and help them to understand that their success is not theirs to achieve alone ---- but that you are supporting them and encouraging them to develop their skills in order to grow and achieve success within the corporation.

There are different types of industries that have embraced virtual reality onboarding games, industries such as finance, retail, and even the food industries. This type of interactive gaming engages your employees in a type of play that will allow them to not only focus on improving their job performance but encourages them to build better bonds with their co-workers.

These training games professionally and adequately educate and motivate the employee while actively engaging him or herself in a positive learning environment. This gamification process also heightens the awareness of individuals that need to sharpen their skill set or become more cognizant of their job performance strategies. When observing the staff at play, managers are better able to make an assessment of the employee’s participation level and determine how well he or she comprehends the work ethic that the game is attempting to teach them.

This interaction produces a great outcome for any business or corporation’s overall performance. Not only does it greatly benefit the employee because of the way it reveals to him/her the areas where they need development. But when an employee is given the power to enhance their performance through office game playing they are more than likely to go back to their desk and begin to use the lessons they learned by finding ways to implement those skills in their daily tasks.

This is definitely a day and time where the gaming industry is at the forefront of technology. Not only are these types of onboarding games user-friendly but they are of a high-quality content with a twist on the fun. If you are a department head, or a business owner, stop the work for a couple of hours and engage your employees in some great interactive gaming activity that may involve some virtual reality.

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  • This was an interesting read! You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.

    Jomarie A. Perlas

    North Park University ‘18
    B.S. Business & Economics, Concentration in Marketing
    Chicago, IL

    Jul 05, 2017