Need to Send Something Fast? Roadie is On-the-Way!

I learned about the Roadie app from a coullege a few weeks ago. I downloaded it to see what it was all about and I must admit that it is pretty cool. From small business owners who need to get things delivered fast and at reasonnable prices, to the person selling his or her iPhone on ebay to someone across town (or the country); Roadie delivers on time--on the way! They'll even deliver your dog! Here is a success strory shared on their website.


How One Business Owner Saved Hundreds on Shipping

Atlanta-based small business The Big Chandelier discovered that shipping large, heavy and oddly shaped items is faster, cheaper and friendlier with Roadie.

As a small business owner, each busy day brings new challenges and victories. You have a never-ending to-do list. If you’re making and selling products – especially if they’re big, heavy or oddly shaped – managing the hassle and expense of shipping is most likely on that list.

As one Atlanta-based small business owner discovered, it doesn’t have to be.

Jack, the owner of The Big Chandelier, needed to send four chandeliers more than 300 miles away. He put his trust in Roadie for a faster, cheaper, and friendlier way to send.

He posted the Gig on a Monday, and the chandeliers were delivered from his shop to the customer’s door on Tuesday afternoon. No shipping hassles, boxes, or packing tape. Jack just placed the chandeliers in the trunk of a careful, considerate Roadie Driver who was already headed in the right direction!

At the end of the day, Jack saved hundreds on sending his chandeliers with Roadie.

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  • What impact do you think on-the-way delivery services will have on 3PL companies, if any?

    Helen King
    Research Associate
    Supply Chain Insights

    May 25, 2016