Feedback on the Shaman's Circle Call on Visibility

Today, I coordinated the Shaman's Circle call on visibility. Eight companies attended.

Looking Forward to the Shaman's Circle Call Today on Visibility

This afternoon, we will check in for our monthly Shaman's Circle call. These complimentary calls for Supply Chain Leaders are designed to discuss a supply chain topic of choice.

Costly Chaos

I was speaking with the planning manager at one of our clients recently about a challenge they are working through, related to a massive increase in demand on one part of the business in the short term.

Of course, this type of challenge is not uncommon, or unwelcome, to many businesses but how this one originated reminded me of a particular issue I came across in one of my previous supply chain roles. 

Changing our Paradigm to Embrace Network Models

Today, our processes are multi-tier, but our technologies and process thinking is single tier or a focus on enterprise efficiency.

Brazil retail revenue growth slows in third quarter

  • 13 October, 2015
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I just had a discussion last week with a colleague about Brazil's economic state then this came across my news feed today…

Trufa: A New Way of Thinking About Analytics

  • 07 October, 2015
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Speaking to Trufa this morning. Trufa is a new form of analytics to help drive insights from SAP data to show inferences and interrelationships between data elements.

Relationship Between Excel Spreadsheets and Planning Maturity

I was having lunch with several supply chain leaders at the OM Partners event in Brussels last week, and we started a dicussion on how to measure planning effectiveness.

Disruption? 7 Things I am Thinking About

As I prepared today for my panel that I am facilitating at John Gattorna's conference in Athens Greece next week, I had several discussion on big data analytics (the redesign of analytical processe