Five Seismic Shifts in Supply Chain Technology

Supply chain technology is changing rapidly as new, innovative solution providers leave traditional legacy players behind.

Building the Customer-Centric Supply Chain

Lora Cecere spoke at Symphony's Xcelerate event in Paris.

Disrupting the shipping industry

An interesting article from on how technology is disrupting the shipping industry

Aerosole: Case Study in Risk Management

If you are looking for a great sale on shoes drive to your Aerosole shoe store. Why? On Friday, September 15th, the company driving the Aerosoles brand of women’s shoes filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy with plans to close over eighty retail stores.

Asia Is Sneezing. Will Your Supply Chain Catch a Cold?

Growth is the corporate imperative. Companies drive growth through success in new product launch, growth in regional economies, and M&A activity.

The Price of Oil and the Dangerous Supply Chain Dance

Today oil prices continued their downward trajectory hitting a three-month low after weekly data showed a record buildup in U.S. crude inventories. Brent crude, the global oil benchmark, fell 1.6% to $52.25 a barrel on London’s ICE Futures exchange.

Update: Demand Shaping in Consumer Products

Today, the CPG industry spends around $225 billion on marketing. Digital marketing is increasing, but the effectiveness is questionable.

P&G Under Attack: Shareholder Activism

P&G, once known as the preeminent household products supply chain company, is under attack.

Coke is revamping their supply chain to address sustainability

  • 28 September, 2016
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Coke is doing some work to improve the water footprint of it's manufacturing line.  With the amount of water it uses makes sense to address this now.

Gas prices spike as fuel shortages hit Southeast

There is a gas shortage in the Southeast due to a pipeline leak.