Supply Chain Metrics That Matter: Restaurants

Supply chains are becoming more important for fast food restaurants. With a focus on safe and secure supply chains and improving operator efficiency at each outlet, these supply chains are very dependent on suplier relationships.

Not known as supply chain leaders, the focus on supply chain excellence by restaurants is relatively new. As shown in Figures 1 through 3, most of the fast food restaurant chains are driving improvement. The slowest improvement is Starbucks. 

Figure 1. Jack in the Box Versus Chipolte Grill



Figure 2. McDonalds Versus Wendy's



Figure 3. Starbucks versus McDonalds

As can be seen from these orbit charts, performance is relative to a peer group. Wendy's is outperforming McDonalds and McDonalds is outperforning Starbucks on two of the metrics that corelate to market capittalization. 

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