How to get the most out of your SAP APO implementation

How to get the most out of your SAP APO System (of Record)

By selling to its ERP installed base, SAP APO has accumulated a large number of implementations, nearly all of which are what analyst firm Gartner calls Systems of Record (SOR), a foundational planning layer that supports and integrates demand/ supply planning processes*. An SOR forms a platform for a variety of demand and supply planning processes. In effect it is the planning repository for an enterprise supply chain. But many employing APO find it challenging. Gartner reports that APO “is seen as expensive, with longer than-average implementation times and higher-than-average service-to-software costs.” This added cost of ownership can come from the disconnection between the complex environments many companies face today and the environments APO was designed to handle.

Most of today’s supply chains are far more challenging than when APO was created in the 1990s. Let’s start with forecasting, where there has been an explosion of available data….

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